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Rimasco 80″ Metal Wood Burner Fireplace with Side Storage Tables

The removable grill and pan of this fire pit allows for easy setup and cleaning. Simply lift the grill out and you can easily clean it without the hassle of having to move or manually remove the entire unit.

Constructed from heavy-duty rust resistant steel, helps protect your fire pit, grill and pan from the sun’s UV rays, making sure it won’t crack or corrode even after prolonged exposure to the outdoor elements for years of reliable use.

The log grate holders with additional left and right side storage tables provide a sturdy heavy-duty constructed platform to keep logs in place and bear the weight of larger logs.

Includes spark screens to contain debris or other barriers between the fire pit and any nearby combustible materials when in use.

Includes PVC cover, protection, when not use.


Product Sheet User Manual

80 Inch Metal Wood Burner Fireplace fire pit made of high temperature powder coated steel is weather resistant. Sturdy design illuminates your evening and ensures consistent air intake for abundant flames. Spending a cold wintry evening with your loved ones accompanied by this wood-burning fire pit grill! Constructed of heat-resistant painted metal that can withstand 752℉-1112℉.